The Gingerbread Girl officially has international reach!

by Jane Mason Bloggers Circle January 2010 Cookery

Ok, ok, it’s in a small way, but I am dead chuffed about it.   A week ago a man left a comment.  He has a website devoted to cookery for children and it is really lovely.  It is < a href=""> and he is c alled Dean Malcolm and he was my very first comment from a stranger so Dean, if you are reading this:  thank you!  I don’t know where you are in the world but it is somewhere and it could be the UK which would cause the Gingerbread Girl to have national reach which is still pretty good.

However, today I had a note from a lady called Olga who lives in Portugal!  She was doing research and wanted to see how to get a copy of Let&# 8217;s Preserve It by Beryl Wood which is referenced in the section on jam.  So not only do I feel read, I feel helpful which is a double bonus for a snowy saturday morning during which I am (naturally) reading the FT whilst baking and making soup (small amount of left o ver chicken, how else do you make it serve a crowd?) and smoked mackeral pate (yes the recipe is there if you click on the link) because Erlend and his mother (Liv is visiting from Norway so feeling at home with all this snow and ice) are coming for lunch. 

Life could be much much worse.