Effect of the Leadership Lurch part 2

by Jane Mason Bloggers Circle January 2010

“And another thing,” I hear myself saying as I contemplate the effects of the Leadership Lurch.  If the first effect is a confusion between control and leadershi p, the second is a confusion between outcome and output.

I know it should be obvious that output and outcome are not the same, but at my angst ridden client, it is not obvious at all.  The number of trees that get eaten up in the creation of output is incredible.  What matters is that you document conversations (output).  What does not seem to matter is that you actually DO anything (outcome) as a result of the conversations ( except document it of course, silly me).  It is as if, in the creation of the report, the Thing is Done and it is so patently obvious that little actually gets done in some quarters that t here really isn’t much more to write about except to (re) state the obvious:  output and outcome are not the same.  Paper does not equal results.  Unless, of course, you are a compan y that manufactures paper.