The Bush pub in Ovington – no need to bother

by Jane Mason January 2010

I used to love the Bush pub in Ovington.  It is at the bottom of a tiny lane on the banks of a burbling river with swans and ducks, a lovely garden, log fires etc etc.  Once upon a time they had great treacle tart and fabulous chips but sad to say…no more.

Lunch with Sam was distinctly disappointing and it was not the company.  We both ordered lamb and it came in uniform slices (pre sliced in a lamb factory in China?) covered by Bisto and a few roast potatoes (again, uniform in size which begins to feel like they came from the next door factory in China – now there is a thought – a Sunday Lunch factory…).   Vegetables were overcooked and few in number.  I could kind of overlook the rather pathetic quality of the food if the prices had not been more suitable to a gastro pub in Chelsea than a mediocre pub in the wilds of hampshire.  The meals were £15.00 each and a cup of tea was £3.00.  Yes, you read that correctly, £3.00.  It is loose tea, the bar maid explained and they sho uld really be charging £4.00 (according to whom, the loose tea union?) but they felt that people would not pay that.  Too right. 

To add insult to injury, the service is distinctly lack lustre, verging on rude.  The person taking orders tutted when I ordered chips and told me I was “naughty”.  If I wan ted judgement I would be at weight watchers, not the pub.  When I told her she had left our bar bill off the main bill, she made a huge song and dance of it (as if it was my fault) to whic h I simply told her I would be happy not to pay the bar bill but felt that would be dishonest.  Needless to say, this comment was not acknowledged.

So, another one bites the dust.  If you are looking for a good pub, don’t get fooled by Sawday’s, Michelin, or the Good Pub Guide.  This is one to miss.