Perversity in extremis (don’t get too excited)

by Jane Mason January 2010

I am baking away the professional blues, having completed the contract with the client and having not been asked to extend it.  Same client I have suffered and written about in all recent posts and yet, perversely, I hate the fact that they have not extended with us – I would much rather have gott en in there first.  Feelings about not extending are easy to identify:  anger (at everyone really – but only with a very small a) followed by shame, followed by relief.  Yes, I am re lieved I won’t have to go in there any more and suffer the results of such a dysfunctional organisation.  Nevertheless, I wish I could have had a greater impact and am angry with the m, with me, and with my team that I did not.  Me, me, me…but not for long. 

Currently I am taking the baking thing to a bit of an extreme.  I have moved my HQ to the kitchen table and have eaten so much cake batter (after a nutritious lunch of ham, egg, and chi ps whilst looking for the Gingerbread House in Sussex) I really do feel sick. 

Tomorrow is the church bake sale and I am helping Sue who is the proverbial one man down.  The offerings for tomorrow include:

1.  Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
2.  Apple Cake
3.  Maple pecan squares (the lazy way of making butter tarts) 

Ask me if you are keen and I will provide the recipes, natch!
New client for the baking empire in the cards:  the best ever carrot cake in the world wowed them (substituted whole wheat spelt flour for the breadcrumbs called for in the recipe) and mee ts their requirements to maintain their differentiated positioning in the Pimlico cafe world.  Watch this space…I went out to buy 2 kgs of ground almonds at the Korean Super Store so they had better place some orders!  Talk about putting the cart before the horse.  Think positively…think of money rolling in and baked goods rolling out…