Virtuous Bread – Vision, Mission, and Content

by Jane Mason Vision, Mission, Content

Our Vision

For everyone around the world, Virtuous Bread is a platform that makes it easier and more fun for us to buy, make, and eat good bread and, while doing so, to create a strong link in our minds between eating good bread and doing good things.  The focus is definately on bread but, “man cannot live on bread alone”, so where we come across other virtuous food items we will not leave them out!

Our vision is to have every person in the world who is interested in eating well and in doing good on this site in order to:

1.  Be the place where individuals can find find providers of excellent bread and bread-related food stuffs lovingly grown or transformed by passionate masters of their art; and to help these people find customers. 
2.  Share information about bread and bread preparation and about the people who grow it, make it, consume it, and write about it. 
3.  Creat a pavlovian link between eating bread and feeling motivated to improve the world around us,  using “good food moments” to generate ideas and actions that make a virtuous contribution and, as Emerson wrote, to make even one life breath easier.

More than a virtuous circle.  A virtuous network.

Our Mission

Eating – even eating a humble piece of bread - is one of only two activities that uses all of five of our senses all at once.  And with all of that going on, there should be no limit to our creative potential!  To create things of wonder and beauty, the bread we eat should be delicious, fun, sensual, and nourishing.  The best way for us to do good is to eat well. 

Our mission is threefold:

1.  To inform people about good bread:  what it’s all about, where to get it and how to make it.
2.  To inspire people to do good by eating well:  find out who is doing it and what they are doing; suggest ways to do it.
3.  To enable people to connect with each other and share ideas:  there is little point to any of this if we are not having fun.

Our content

From interviews with luminaries in the food industry around the world that explore their views bread food and virtue; to reviews of bread and bread-related products and services that analyse not only the products and services themselves but also the companies behind them and how they perform across a range of measures including their “random acts of kindness” score; to stories about eating well and doing good; to recipes and ideas to help us eat well (and thus do good); Virtuous Bread will help feed us – in every sense. is under construction and will launch in the spring of 2010.  Watch this space.