An amazing fact about marzipan…

by Jane Mason Cooking & Eating

Not eveyone likes marzipan as much as I do.  Now, granted, that might be difficult seeing as it is one of my favourite foods and I can eat it any way it comes:  modelling marzipan by spoon; cake marzipan by package; marzipan filling (via excavation); marzipan in any form at all.  What is not to like?  Almonds.  Sugar.  Egg. Rose Water.  YUM.

In fact, not everyone likes marzipan at all.   I find just simply astonishing.  Unless you have a nut allergy, marzipan should be a food staple.  It is a fact, afterall, that almonds are one of the superfoods.  How better to get superfoods into you than marzipan?  It beats broccoli.

Those of you on the “luke warm to positively cold attitude to marzipan” side of the room will shudder in horror when I tell you that I stuffed twice the marzipan called for in the Easter Bread that I bake for Pimlico Fresh.  You cannot have too much of a good thing, right?  Those same people on that same side of the room will laugh when Jackie (owner) told me that the bread was not selling and, in fact, people were leaving it on their plates because there was too much marzipan in it! 

What a lesson!  So I have reverted to the original recipe and those of you who love marzipan as much as I do take heed:  Follow the recipe and eat the leftover marzipan with a spoon.  That way, everyone is happy.