More sour dough for the share save scheme

by Jane Mason Introduction The Great Sour Dough Share Save Scheme

Man oh man – there has been great interest in the original sour dough share save scheme which provides participants with a wheat sour dough that has been going since 1857 so they don’t have to go through the four d ay process of making their own and can, thus, get started baking with sour dough more quickly, and be part of history!

It occured to me that people might want to try rye sour dough instead of or as well as a wheat sour dough – even when I explain that my rye sour dough is a mere infant compared to the wheat sour dough of 1857. 

I think that is brilliant. 

So, you can choose a wheat sour dough from 1857 or an infant of a rye sour dough (or both!) when you sign up.  You sign up by leaving a comment anywhere on the site with your name, post al details, e mail address and your preference (wheat, rye, or both) and I will add you to the list and inform the person ahead of you that you are the next destination for the dough!

Instructions for the initial feeding, saving, sharing, and using your dough are here (wheat) and here (rye). Recipes for both are here.